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Vol. 1 Issue 9
September 2010 E-Newsletter

Dinner Meeting – Wednesday 15 September 2010
Cybersecurity – is this just another “Y2K”?
J.O. McFalls III, President, National Security Division, Point One, Inc. 

Presentation: The purpose of this unclassified presentation is to gain a unified sense of urgency with regard to the cyber insecurity of our Nation. Starting with basic concepts and attributes of “cyberspace,” J.O. will describe the players, the stakeholders, and the adversaries. A summary of the latest activities and initiatives taken by all sides will set the stage to discuss cybersecurity scenarios — and how scenario sets are being used at all levels to help pin-point the major issues and impediments to achieving a secure, global IT infrastructure. So, if you are convinced it isn’t “just another Y2K,” how can you help?

McFallsSpeaker: Currently, J.O. McFalls serves as President and Lead Contractor for his company’s National Security Division. Primary focus of his efforts over the past three years has been leading a team of subject matter experts in providing national cybersecurity policy and strategic management support to the Intelligence Community, and Departments of Defense and Homeland Security. Prior to becoming an owner-partner with Point One, Inc., he was an independent contractor selected by Vistage, Inc. to chair two CEO development groups in Phoenix, Arizona. He also served two years as President and Chief Operating Officer for Tekcom LLC, a newly-developed high tech company that provides microchip processing at the back-end of production. Prior to all this commercial work he served 28 years in the U.S. Air Force where his final military assignment was Director of Operations for the Air Force Training Command. He retired from active duty as a Brigadier General.

Meal: Curried Chicken Served over Basmati Rice and Fresh vegetable of the day, rolls and butter, dessert, coffee and iced tea.

     – By website: Credit card via PayPal, go to our >>Registration Page<<
     – By email: Contact Glenn Gillaspy
For details on the presentation, more about the speaker, cost details, cancellations, and directions

Presentation ONLY: FREE (no reservations necessary)

Door PrizeThe purpose of the Chesapeake Chapter is to foster the definition, understanding, and practice of world class systems engineering in industry, academia, and government. In light of that goal, every month at our dinner meeting we have a drawing for the latest in Systems Engineering literature. So come on out for a chance to win.

This month’s door prize is:

Cyber War: The Next Threat to National Security and What to Do About It

by Richard A. Clarke

A Word from our President

The Leadership Hunt is on!
Future BoD
Who will become the President-Elect for next Year?

As August comes to a close, the Chesapeake Chapter is nailing down the programs for the last four months of the year and pushing the nomination committee to finish the election slate for Board members.

In past years, the membership elections were held at the holiday reception. This year, we will attempt to set up voting on the web site so that we can extend the vote to all members in good standing. Remember that any member can stand for election to any announced vacancy on the Board of Directors. Since all officers but the Presidents serve in two-year terms, not every position comes vacant each year.

This year, we have only two positions to be filled. The first is the treasurer position. Early this year, Dave Griffith resigned prior to completing his term and the President in accordance with the bylaws filled the position. Glenn Gillaspy has been serving as the interim treasurer until the fall election. He has expressed a desire to run for the elected vacancy this fall.

The second position that must be filled is that of the President Elect. There are normally no long lines of volunteers for this position as it involves a commitment of three years. The sequence is first, President Elect, then President, and finally, Past President. Each position has defined duties in both our charter and our annual plan so there is little leisure for the individual selected by the membership.

Be especially nice to potential Presidential candidates and don’t discourage them with the normal prattle. It’s your organization and this is your chance to name candidates. Our nomination committee will want to visit all eligible and named individuals and share a well-rehearsed story about the higher calling involved.

The President Elect should be committed to promoting INCOSE’s mission and the health of our Chapter.

Members, please help the nominating committee find candidates that meet the above criteria and vote for your choice in the election.

Finally, please remember that if you miss August, you will have a lot of catching up to do.

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Celebrating INCOSE Systems Engineering Professional Certification in Style

2010 CSEP Gala
Corsages, Colleagues, Fine Cuisine and Cordial Comments.
Click the above picture to see a slide show on the Chesapeake Chapter website

The date was August 26, 2010, the place was elegant, the people dressed for the occasion, the food was superb and the conversations and talk flowed like the wine. The reason for this gala event was simple enough: Celebrate the local area INCOSE Certified Systems Engineer designates. The results where anything but simple, more like spectacular as 16 CSEPs (and one ESEP) as well as their significant others, for a total 47, descended on the Engineers Club of Baltimore and were treated to a great dinner, drinks and dessert. Each of the ladies received a beautiful corsage thanks to kind contribution from Butch Rappe, his wife Amelia and his company, R4IT. Our local chapter’s President, George Anderson, started the formal event by introducing several local business leaders:

  • Mike Berendt, Serco
  • John (J.O.) McFalls, Pointone LLC
  • Anthony Gigioli, Camber Inc.
  • Butch Rappe, R4IT Inc.

Each shared a few words on the need for better Systems Engineers and the value of the INCOSE certification program. Then the highlight of the evening as John Thomas, President Elect of INCOSE INTERNATIONAL gave a speech on the ubiquity of systems and the importance of Systems Engineers to be the premier problem solvers of our age. Very inspirational and well received. George presented John with a small token of our appreciation for his attendance and his speech — a newly minted Chesapeake Chapter INCOSE coin.

It was a wonderful event. Ending with each Systems Engineer feeling even better about their life’s work. Hopefully this will become an annual tradition.

Note: Sorry. This party was for CSEP holders only. Check out the INCOSE website to see what all the fuss is about.

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Get to Know …
Our Communications Officer
Mr. Paul Martin, CSEP
Mr. Martin has more than 20 years experience as a General Engineer specializing in Systems Development and Procurement in the Defense Acquisition community. He has earn a Master of Science in Systems Engineering along with a Certificate in Software Systems Engineering from George Mason University in 1994. He also has a DAWIA Level III certification in Systems Planning, Research, Development and Engineering. He is presently working as a Senior Systems Engineer for Serco, Inc. He is also a Adjunct Professor of the UMBC College of Engineering and Information Technology, Systems Engineering Graduate Programs where he teaches ENEE 663: System Implementation, Integration, and Test. He also teaches a CSEP preparation for UMBC Training Center. In March 2007 he became the 177th INCOSE “Certified Systems Engineering Professional.”

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Did You Miss Last Month?

Chesapeake Chapter Teams with INTERNATIONAL at the Professional Societies Expo at JHUAPL.

2010 APL Pro Expo

L to R, Mark Walker, George Anderson, Bhanumati Sunkara, Bob Berkovits, and Jim Chism

On Tuesday, August 17, 2010, Mark Walker, Jim Chism and Mike Pafford spearheaded a three-table exhibit at the annual Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory Professional Societies Expo held in the Kossiakoff Convention Center.
While the above individuals promoted the INCOSE INTERNATIONAL message, other chapter members brought exhibits and materials to promote membership in the local chapter. In addition to meeting APL staff members and guests, the team participated in several breakout sessions to further expound on the advantages of INCOSE membership. Presenters included Mike Pafford, Mark Walker, Dr. Sam Seymour and George Anderson. Dr. Sam Seymour of the Whiting Graduate School of Systems Engineering was the sponsor of the EXPO and participated in the breakout sessions as did other faculty members.

Membership Director Bhanumati Sunkara supervised the setup and provided brochures and giveaway items that included the INCOSE logo. Other members who participated and took the time to meet with prospective members were: Glenn Gillaspy, Bob Berkovits, Mark Kaczmarek, and John Lewis.

Architecture Design, Simulation and Visualization Using SysML

Osvalds Speaking

Gundars Osvalds offered his architecture brief to a full house at the membership meeting on Wednesday evening, August 18, 2010. The student chapter members were there and helped boost the attendance to 42 not including the security guards or janitors.

The new twist in his work was the inclusion of SYSML modeling to create a real time test platform and demonstrator of the logical integrity of a prospective architecture. In addition to providing verification and validation capability, the models have the potential to convey an overview of the potential system to the stakeholders. Gundars concluded his presentation by showing an animated video that demonstrated how new visualization software could be employed to follow the constraints of the SYSML rule set.

Find out for yourself by downloading Gundars’ brief today.>>HERE<<

Visit our Library section of our Website to also find other copies of presentation materials from previous meetings or other gatherings of interest. Poke around and see if anything looks interesting.

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Feature Article
What Does It Mean?
by George Anderson


I have a peculiar compulsion. I have to know what is going on with all my complex possessions. I have no favorites- everything within my gaze is included. It doesn’t matter if it’s my computer, the house wiring, the car’s catalytic converter or the measurement of noise levels to convict a neighbor repeatedly evading a barking dog violation. It’s all mine and I have to manage it all and keep it operating according to my standards- not that of the power company, the car dealer, the manufacturer’s instructions or whatever other experts may be out there.

As you can imagine, my hardest hours are spent in the SE workplace overhearing the all too common laments like:
“I feel so sorry for them, they came home to find their basement flooded because the water heater sprung a leak.”
Or: “I used to work on my car and saved a lot of money but now with all the computers and all, a person can’t do it unless they are an expert and have all kinds of special diagnostic equipment. I traded in my last car because I could not justify paying for a new engine computer.”
Or: “I always buy new because the warranty takes care of all the problems for me and I don’t have to worry.”
Or the most common of all time: “How can I do anything, I’m not technical?”
I even hear people who are being paid to be technical experts saying this!

Interested? Read More.

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Feature Artice:
The Value of Failure
by Paul Martin

Effects of Oil SpillI have two iconic images which depict failure in a positive light.

(1) A scene from the movie Meet the Robinsons: The protagonist has just had an experiment blow up in his face and as he dejectedly faced his family he is surprised to find them celebrating his failure with enthusiasm usually saved for birthdays. They explained that failure was the sure sign you’re getting closer to the solution.

(2) One of my favorite demotional poster: A ship is sinking, bow up and two thirds in the water. Caption reads – “MISTAKES: It could be that the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning to others.”

Both of these cultural ditties push the one aspect of failure which makes it an important part of our lives … it’s the “lessoned learned” which informs us of what NOT to do … it’s the Feddback Loop into our lives, allowing us to eventually succeed.

As Systems Engineers we face failures every time we take our product in the evaluation phase of its development cycle. Will it meet the requirements, both technical and operational? And of course we’re the ones who need to evaluate the impact these failures will have on the overall project. The cost, schedule and performance issues must be addressed in a creative and resourceful way. Such is the burden and responsibility of the Systems Engineer.

Of course failures come in may sizes. Small ones from your test events that can be worked off as a “lien” against the product acceptance. Or the large failures which occur after the product has been deployed and during its operation. Lives and the environment can be ruined as a result. Just look at BP oil spill in the gulf. But no matter the size or enormity of the failure it’s still there as a “warning.” Don’t make the same mistake, learn from the lesson, embrace the failure as a part of the price to be payed towards the road of a positive outcome. It’s OK to fail, just don’t let it stop you from going forward.

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Don’t Forget
Call for Nominations for Systems Engineer of the Year

  • Nominations for the 2010 Systems Engineer of the Year are now open.
  • Completed Applications must be received by 1 Oct 2010 for consideration in this award period.
  • Award Period: 1/1/2008 – 12/31/2010

Click here for Nomination Form

  • All INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter members are eligible for nomination.
  • Nominations can be made by anyone including non-members.
  • Self-nominations are acceptable.
  • Nominations should be emailed
  • All nominations due by 09/15/2010.

Click here for Application Package

Evaluation Committee is composed of past SEY winners with latest winner being the Chairman.  Winner will be announced at the annual Chesapeake Chapter Holiday Dinner.

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NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center

Date: Sept 14, 2010, 1:00 pm
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Jody Fluhr, NASA-JSC, CxP SE&I PRIMA, Fluhr Engineering, LLC

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IEEE Baltimore Logo

IEEE Baltimore Section

Event: Baltimore Communications Society Meeting
Date: Sept 14, 2010, 5:30PM
Location: National Electronics Museum — Pioneer Hall
Presentation: A Brief Review of the Joint Tactical Radio System ( JTRS )
Anna Romaniuk of Booze Allen Hamilton

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 National Electronics Museum Logo

Event: National Electronics Museum Lecture Series
Date: Sept 15, 2010, 7:00PM
Location: National Electronics Museum
Cost: $10 ($5 Members)
Presentation: The Black Bats: CIA Spy Flights Over China from Taiwan 1951-1969
Chris Pocock

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The International Council on Systems Engineering has established a multi-level Professional Certification Program to provide a formal methodfor recognizing the knowledge and experience of systems engineers, regardless of where they may be in their career.
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Training Centers
a CSEP Prep Course
Dates: 4 Saturday Mornings,
Sept 18th — Oct 9th
Location: UMBC Training Centers @ 1450 S. Rolling Road, Baltimore, MD 21227

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University of Minnesota

Principles of Systems Engineering Online

This course will provide an introduction to systems engineering, including the integration of system life cycle requirements. It is intended to advance understanding of the role of collaborative processes used to manage the development of complex systems and to provide a framework linking stakeholder needs, business strategy, and technology.

David Walden, coauthor of the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) handbook Version 3.2,  will be instructing this course.

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  • Integrating humans with software and systems: Technical challenges and a research agenda (p 232-245)
  • Mapping space-based systems engineering curriculum to government-industry vetted competencies for improved organizational performance (p 246-260)

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New Members for 2010
  • Denise D’Angelo ; Project Manager for JHU/Applied Physics Laboratory 

  • Thomas Kreitzberg
    ; Senior Staff for JHU/APL

  • Robert Lewis
    ; for PCI Strategic Management

  • Desiree Melnychenko
    ; Consultant for Academy Solutions Group, LLC

  • Joshua Proteau
    ; Assistant Program Manager for JHU/APL

  • Seth Schapiro
    ; Senior Systems Engineer for Northrop Grumman Corporation

  • Katherine Schulte
    ; Systems Engineer for Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

  • Joshua Seo
    ; Project Engineer for Department of the Navy

  • Chad Timonen

  • Jodi Witmer
    ; Senior Systems Engineer for Serco Inc

  • Richard Wright
    ; Systems Engineer for Government

We welcome our new 2010 members. We look forward to seeing you at our meetings and tutorials.

INCOSEKeep up with the latest news and events. Find out about our new Board of Directors. Explore our extensive library of previous lectures from our Monthly Dinner Meetings. Learn of the Benefits of Joining INCOSE. Check out Systems Engineering education in the local area. All this and more awaits you at our INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter Website.

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Board of Director Officers, 2010
– President: Mr. George Anderson
– Past President: Mr. Glenn Townson
– President Elect: Mr. John Lewis
– Treasurer: Mr. Glenn Gillaspy
– Secretary: Mr. Bob Berkovits

Directors at Large
– Communications: Mr. Paul Martin
– Programs: Mr. Donald York
– Membership Committee: Ms. Bhanumati Sunkara

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