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Special Announcement: Bylaws Vote Scheduled for August 17, 2011 Membership Meeting

by Communications Team on July 29, 2011  •   Print This Post Print This Post   •   

Update: On August 17, 2011 paper ballets were distributed to members present at the meeting. The results: 31 for and 1 against. Therefore the Bylaws will be changed as noted.

The INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter’s Board of Directors (BoD) is requesting our active membership’s attention to a bylaw change that will be voted on at the August 17, 2011 membership meeting.   The change provides a necessary alternative to mailing the annual election ballots.  A secure internet system as used last year on a trial basis is added. By secure we mean that the ballots are each accounted for by the member’s email address and/or member number. Only members in good standing will have their vote counted and a record of the voting is generated for audit purposes.

The voting schedule is also changed in this amendment from October to September to allow more time for the ballots to be processed.

The actual wording of the change is located in Section 1, of the CSPK Constitution and Bylaws, and reads as follows:

Section 1.  (additions are in bold, deletions shown by strikethrough)

“Balloting by mail or a secure internet system shall be conducted during the month of October September. Election results shall be announced and newly elected officers and directors shall be introduced at the November meeting following the CSPK voting. Newly elected officers and directors shall assume office on January 1 at the beginning of the new operating year.”

The authority and process for this upcoming vote is excerpted below from our bylaws that are located for your convenience on the Chesapeake Website.


These Bylaws may be modified, altered, or amended at any regularly scheduled meeting of the CSPK by the affirmative vote of 2/3 of the members in good standing present and voting, but not at any special meeting, unless notice of such intention shall have been included in the notice of such special meeting. Amendments must be submitted in writing to the Board and to members of the CSPK at least 30 days prior to the meeting at which they are to be voted upon.”

The BoD recommends this change as preferable to the alternatives of using the mail or conducting the annual election only among those members present at a regularly scheduled membership meeting.

The BoD’s overall intent is to promote a wider participation in the voting process and encourage more active dialogue between candidates and the membership at large before, during and after the election process.

The initial discussion for this Bylaw change began last year >>HERE<<   Please contact me with any questions or concerns at:

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