Academic Scholarships

INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter Foundation

Chesapeake Chapter sponsors scholarships through the INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter Foundation to assist local STEM Students with college education expenses. The Chapter recognizes the importance of STEM and continuously seeks additional ways to fund its scholarship budget to support this program. In recent years the Chapter has been able to award multiple scholarships to deserving students from our community. The Chapter has a Committee to review applications on an annual basis with set guidelines to evaluate applicants on a number of criterion and selects those candidates who they feel meets exemplify the best. On average the Chapter awards between $2,000-$5,000 annually to support our youth. 

Scholarship Applications for 2019 Academic Year are open. There are two INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter scholarships available:

  1. The Chesapeake Chapter or Family Member Scholarship is available to members of the Chesapeake Chapter or family members of the Chesapeake Chapter member

  2. The Open Scholarship is available to all applicants

Interested Students are encouraged to submit to see if they qualify for  scholarships being offered for the next Academic Year.


Chesapeake Chapter Scholarship Application