Systems Engineering as a Field Study

 According to the best job in America for 2009 is a: Systems Engineer. The article mentions "some jobs might also require certification as a certified systems engineering professional (CSEP)."

Of course we couldn't agree more. After all, Systems Engineers play a critical role in the technical management, development, and acquisition of complex technology systems. They are the professionals responsible for planning, coordinating, and overseeing group efforts that translate operational need into technology solution, and whose tools and skills determine whether a system will meet cost, schedule, and performance goals. Because systems engineers are central to a technology solution's success, they are in great demand by industry and government.

IEEE Spectrum recently published an article that highlights the need for a stronger and more vibrant Systems Engineering profession. The lead article outlined the woes and tribulations of DoD's Weapons Acquisitions System. The article is appropriately called: "What's Wrong with Weapons Acquisitions?"

This article explains how Systems Engineers are the key components to the process. Only problem is there are way too few. "Another factor contributing to program failure is the shortage of technically trained people, especially systems engineers. A systems engineer translates technical needs into an overall system architecture that creates the best operational capability at the most affordable cost. As a project proceeds and goals or needs shift, systems engineers have to determine the difficult but necessary cost, schedule, and performance trade-offs to keep everything on track. As programs get bigger and more complex, the need for rigorous systems engineering increases."

SEP Exam Preparation Workshops and Training

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Systems Engineering Masters Programs ... A few to Consider


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