Champions and Practitioners of Systems Engineering

Founded in 1994, the Chesapeake Chapter, one of the chapters in the America Sector, is the Northern and Central Maryland area chapter of the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE). There are over 300 active members in the Chesapeake Chapter, representing more than 75 corporations, small businesses, and Government agencies. 

The Chesapeake Chapter formed to support INCOSE in the expansion of systems engineering understanding, practice, definition, and evolution for the benefit of our members and stakeholders. The INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter will continue to support the mandate, strategic goals, and objectives of INCOSE as well as the application of systems engineering to all areas of emerging interest as reflected by the inputs from the chapter membership. 

Local industry has in the past been dominated by information technology. This industry has grown and created a meaningful profession for many systems engineers and will continue into the foreseeable future. With the stand-up of the US Cyber Command at Fort Meade, cyber security will likely dominate the systems engineering landscape over the next several years. Other areas of interest include: integration of systems, the Internet of Things, Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIPR), and transportation systems to include public issues such as mass transit; energy conservation through proper analysis of new energy schemes such as wind power; survival of chemical, nuclear, biological events; resiliency of communities, and control of civil disorder.

These issues are likely to remain as topics of interest to systems engineers, employers and the general public. System engineers have a leading role to play in bringing logic and discipline to these systems and programs. The Chesapeake Chapter’s ability to adapt to our rapidly changing political and social environment could influence major events and provide services to the country that are as yet unimagined. 

The Chesapeake Chapter collaborates with other professional organizations to gain insight into emerging technologies. Members also participate in INCOSE Working Groups and attend Conferences sponsored by INCOSE to gain an extension of knowledge on current and developing systems engineering applications. 

The Chesapeake Chapter remains current with the latest trends in systems engineering and technology advancement.


 The Chesapeake Chapter Charter is to develop and promote a nationally recognized World-Class Systems Engineering Center of Excellence in the Northern and Central Maryland and the Southern Pennsylvania area.


The purpose of the Chesapeake Chapter is to foster the definition, understanding, and practice of world class systems engineering in industry, academia, and government.


The objectives of the Chesapeake Chapter are to provide a focal point for dissemination of systems engineering knowledge, and through involvement with International Council on Systems Engineering:

  • Support the expansion of systems engineering understanding, practice, definition, and evolution

  • Collaborate with other local professional organizations to support the interests of our community

  • Provide Mentoring for SEP Exam preparation and package submission

  • Promote systems engineering symposiums, workshops, tutorials, and seminars

  • Host regular meetings with lectures of interest for the systems engineering community

  • Promote the acquisition and exchange of information on new technology, methods and practices within the systems engineering community.

  • Encourage governmental and industrial collaboration and support for research and educational programs that will improve the systems engineering process and its practice.

  • Improve the professional status of all persons engaged in the practice of systems engineering.

  • Assure the existence of professional standards for the practice of systems engineering.

Chapter Awards

We are Proud to be among one of the Highest Recognized Chapter worldwide and Consistently Awarded by INCOSE for being one of the best Chapters.