2019-03-20: Methodology Tailoring for Development Time Optimization

Date: Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Topic:Methodology Tailoring for Development Time Optimization

Speaker: Anthony Millán - A Systems Engineer in the Weapon Systems Engineering group of the JHU/APL Air and Missile Defense Sector.


The main goal of DARPA's META program is to achieve a factor five (5x) improvement in product development speed for existing systems engineering, integration, and testing process for defense systems. Mr. Millán’s doctoral thesis was to research the ability to tailor the ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288 technical processes to incorporate the META design flow and extend it into an end-to-end Systems Engineering methodology. The resulting methodology facilitates applying the META design flow to different domains such as healthcare and product line architectures. Mr. Millán described a potential application of the methodology for optimizing operating room designs, which he presented at the 2018 INCOSE Systems Engineering in Healthcare Conference.

Mr. Millán hopes to continue expanding research on the META design flow and the tailored methodology by exploring topics in four major areas:

  1. Practical Application

  2. System-of-System architecting (for defense)

  3. Modern MBSE Tools

  4.  SE Theory

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The DARPA Adaptive Vehicle Make program proposed the META design flow - a method that integrates architecture development, detailed design, and performance analysis efforts using Model-Based Systems Engineering and a component model database - as a means to achieve a 5X reduction in complex system development time.