Book Review: Practical Model-based Systems Engineering with SysML

By Oliver Alt, PhD; October 2016; Paperback; 214 pages

This book is an enhanced English language version of the author’s previous German language SysML book. Enhancements for this new version include updated rewording of several sections, as well as the addition of new topics such as Data Integration, Systems Data Linking, and Big Data in Systems Engineering. The book emphasizes the practical application of Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) with SysML and the Control Chain approach. The author means for this book to be applicable for all “mechatronic systems”. According to Wikipedia, Mechatronics is a modern term given to the multidisciplinary fields of mechanical, electronics, computer, telecommunications, systems, and control science and engineering. The Control Chain approach is introduced for describing hardware and software systems (and their interfaces) in both physical and logical terms. For those interested, this book’s examples have been developed using the SysML tool, “Enterprise Architect (EA)”, from the Australian company Sparx.

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