Passing the Comms

by Myra Parsons Gross, ESEP


Well, it's been two years and what a journey.  I learned a lot about INCOSE, but I also learned a lot about myself.  When serving in a volunteer role, you have to make a decision to give it your all or you can decide to cruise.  I believe, or at least I would like to think that I gave it my all.  It was a lot of work and thank goodness I had a lot of support.  As Communications Director, my job was quite overwhelming at times and often demanding but I was supported by a steadfast Communications Committee who stood by me every step of the way.  This team made it easy for me to get my job done and done well.  A lot of late hours, a lot of weekend hours and even days off from work, but that’s the kind of commitment this type of job requires if you want to to do a “good” job.  For me, that was okay. 

 So, before I go any further, I must stop and thank the 2017-2018 Communications Committee who supported me so well: 

  • Bee Azan, CSEP

  •  Lauren Baron, CSEP

  •  Noble Cates, CSEP

  •  Gundars Osvalds, ESEP

  •  Craig Tyler, ESEP

I can not begin to thank these individuals enough for always being there to answer my call and to always say “yes” when I asked for their assistance.  I hope that each of them knows they can count on me to support them as well.

 Now, what am I going to do with all this new-found free time?  Well, I think I know exactly what I plan to do.  I started riding (horses) again after being grounded for over 20 years and now my eyes twinkle when I see a fancy horse. and I don’t think competing again is too far off.   So, I think I am well on my way to my next commitment. 

 In the meantime, the Chesapeake Chapter will naturally continue to be successful in 2019 and of course, the Chapter knows I will be around to help when needed. 

 Thanks for the Journey!