The 2019 INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter Survey - Now Open

Our Members’ Moment for 2019

The BOD has completed its annual planning session and identified potential training, tutorials, and expert speakers to provide professional opportunities for our members.  As systems engineers you are aware that a plan is only a beginning and must be supported with resources to execute the many tasks.  Fortunately, we are well supported by our members’ employers both in financial as well as in-kind support.  What varies from year to year is the hands-on support needed to carry out the many tasks in the plan.  We depend on our members who earn PDU’s to support their certifications and others who are interested in taking on a task that offers personal satisfaction.  Regardless of the work, chapter members are publicly recognized for their roles at our annual Holiday Reception.   For this reason I hope all Chapter members will recognize this event’s importance and continue to contribute to its success.

The best way to describe the Chapter’s support requirements is to list the services that we plan to make available to the membership.  This will also be influenced by the feedback that you supply by taking our annual survey using the link above.

  • 10 monthly meetings that feature either an invited speaker, a discussion panel or student presentations.   These are video taped streamed and later placed on our YouTube channel for later viewing.

  • Tutorials usually held on Saturdays to provide opportunities to enjoy in depth treatment of topics of general interest to Systems Engineers. Some subject examples are:  Innovation workshops, Leadership, Model Based Systems Engineering topics including tool demonstrations.

  • Certification Training followed proximately by the Exam given locally by INCOSE INTERNATIONAL and proctored by our local ESEP members.  The exam is open to the public and is free of charge.

  • MBSE tool training.  Currently two or more scheduled sessions of No Magic’s CAMEO SysML tool.

  • Assistance to those applying for the ESEP certification by selected members of the ESEP round table.

  • As an ESEP meet with other ESEPs quarterly to advise and advance the state of SE education

  • Participate in organized STEM activities, some in cooperation with other Engineering Societies.

  • Participation in local job fairs as an INCOSE member to represent INCOSE to visitors to the event

  • Get your ideas published free by writing professional articles for the monthly chapter newsletter.

  • Find a job either through the chapter newsletter or by networking at the monthly meetings. 

  • Prepare a Systems Engineering paper and present it at the annual International INCOSE Symposium held in July.  Get your ideas in front of the world and meet others in your area of interest.

  • Join an International working group and collaborate virtually and in person at the two annual International events: The International Workshop (IW) and the International Symposium (IS)

  • Run for election for office at either the Chapter or International level.  

  • Create and foster new initiatives in the Chapter that furthers the advancement of Systems Engineering ideas or practices. 

  • Participate in panel discussions held on important issues in the SE community

  • Participate in SE events with our student chapters

  • Work with other engineering societies in achieving common goals.

  • Join the Chesapeake Chapter Linkedin group to collaborate on line with other Systems Engineers