Why you should be a Candidate for Our Chesapeake Chapter Board of Directors

by Mr. George Anderson , ESEP- Past-President INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter

Notice that I do not say think about it, consider it or volunteer others. I strongly believe that what I have to say to you in the next few paragraphs will convince you, a member of our chapter, that you will be making a regrettable decision in your professional career if you do not recognize the importance of this direct invitation to be a candidate in our chapter’s election.

When I make a statement like this I have to bring in heavy artillery in the form of relevant ideas from influential people. I have done so in the name of Mr. Rajesh Setty, the author of a widely circulated article, entitled 25 Ways to Distinguish Yourself.

Setty answers the question of why you should distinguish yourself. Although you should read his explanation directly, in brief, he is saying that you must avoid being viewed as a commodity in a world of increasing competition for salary, position and opportunity. This well describes the current world of systems engineering at least in our chapter’s area.

Mr. Setty then gets to the heart of what you must do to be a professional success. Included in his 25 ways are four that apply directly to the Chesapeake Chapter experience. The four points are:

  • #10 Pursue the Right Memberships

  • #20 Lead a Volunteer Effort

  • #23 Learn Systems Thinking

  • #24 Walk Away from Free

I will briefly expand only on Leading a Volunteer Effort because that is where we are focused in electing leadership. Quoting from Mr Setty:

#20 lead a volunteer effort

“All of us know that leadership is more than holding a title or a position. ...In other words, it takes a lot of effort to lead and succeed in a volunteer position. What it will make of you, however, is priceless.

Succeeding in leading a volunteer effort will provide several benefits:

  • You will spend time for a great cause.

  • Very few people lead a volunteer effort so you are in a minority (a.k.a., distinguished yourself)

  • Great networking beyond your professional circles

  • Short-cut to developing your leadership skill”

Let me summarize what I am saying with the help of these cogent thoughts. You have more to gain from being a leader at INCOSE than you may currently appreciate. Please ponder this statement carefully, read more details of 25 Ways to Distinguish Yourself, and if you recognize the value, contact any member of the BOD to move ahead in distinguishing yourself.