Book Review: A Primer For Model-Based Systems Engineering

A Primer For Model-Based Systems Engineering; 2nd Edition
By David Long and Zane Scott; 2011; Paperback; 107 pages

Reviewer: Mike Pafford

This very useful and easy to use desk reference was written by INCOSE members (and Vitech Corp senior principles) David Long (INCOSE Past President) and Zane Scott (current INCOSE Corporate Advisory Board Chair). The purpose of the short book is to explain the basic concepts behind model-based systems engineering (MBSE).

Subjects covered include an introduction/review of Systems, Systems Engineering, Models, and MBSE. In this Second Edition, the authors changed from a topical organization of subject material to a “building blocks” perspective, developed through answering questions about the primary subject areas.

In the book’s Summary, the authors recognize that there is no one definition for MBSE. In the Afterword of the book however, they remind systems engineering beginning and experienced practitioners, that since models use a clear and common language to describe problems-and solutions-the architecting and design processes can accommodate expert inputs from a diverse set of contributors.

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