Nominations for 2020 Elections

The INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter (CC) Board of Directors (BOD) needs your assistance and is seeking candidates to fill the following positions in 2020:

  • President-Elect: Term is 3 years (President-Elect, President and then Past President)

  • Secretary: Term is 2 years. 

  • Programs Director: Term is 2 years

  • Membership Director: Term is 2 years

 Please consider nominating a peer or volunteering to fill one of these open positions. The future success of the Chapter depends on the support of its BOD and willingness of its members to step forward and support Chapter operations. The responsibilities associated with each open position follow (from the 2019 Chesapeake Chapter Operating Plan).

George Anderson, who has served as Chapter President TWICE, is always explaining how “service in INCOSE is the best thing that can happen to you in terms of personal and career growth.” George’s classic blog post: Why you should be a Candidate for Our Chesapeake Chapter Board of Directors is a great inspiration. While some of you have already learned this lesson by watching our past and current BOD members as they serve. The rest of you probably need to hear it from someone else. A consultant named Joan Garry, an expert on Non-Profit organizations, has a really good blog entitled: Why Everyone Should Join a Nonprofit Board. Please take a minute to read her ten reasons to join a nonprofit board and help us maintain our chapter's outstanding record of achievement.

 Elections will take place in the Fall of 2019. If interested in any of these positions, please contact the Board at

 Duties of President-Elect

  • Coordinate with the President, Past President, Programs Director, Communications Director, and Membership Director to remain informed, and help with CC business when necessary.

  • Preside at CC Monthly Meetings and CC BOD Meetings when the President is not present.

  • Assist the Membership Director on membership drives and corporate and organizational outreach.

  • With the CC Communications Director, support the success of the CC Newsletter, and when asked by the President or Communications Director, provide articles and other Newsletter materials of professional interest to the CC membership.

  • Work with the President and Past President throughout the year to compile and prepare evidence for the Chesapeake CC submission for the INCOSE Circle Awards for 2019. All evidence must be submitted no later than January 5, 2020. Some evidence has pre-specified times when it is due. Review the INCOSE International Wiki site for details early and often during the year.

  • Chair the CC Constitution and Bylaws Update Committee, and with BOD approval select its members.

Duties of Secretary

  • Prepare minutes of all 2019 CC BOD meetings, and distribute at least two working days before the BOD meeting for the next month.

  • Prepare final summary report (Annual Report) of 2018 CC activities by January 5, 2018.

  • Maintain CC records to include all meeting minutes, records of attendance, performance metrics, financial records, and any other items assigned by the BOD.

  • Maintain an account of the names of meeting, tutorial, and workshop attendees for CC records to include attendees who attend monthly lecturers without attending monthly dinner meetings.

  • With the CC President, maintain the disposition of CC Mailbox Keys. Retrieve all incoming US Mail from the Laurel Post Office prior to every BOD meeting, and distribute to BOD members as noted (at next BOD meeting or as soon as possible depending on urgency).

  • Organize and display CC records in a suitable format.

  • Send list of CC Officers to the INCOSE International Business Committee by January 6, 2019.

  • Maintain and ensure access to CC historical documents for the CC BOD and membership.

  • Transfer all CC physical assets to the CC Storage Locker

  • Inventory all CC hardware, software, data, and capitol assets, and maintain an inventory of these items to be included with the CC Financial Audit on an annual basis. Note location or assignment of CC inventory items.

  • Work with the CC Communications Director to maintain a historical record of CC activities on the CC Website.

  • Alert the BOD, at least one week ahead of time, of approaching deadlines for all administrative actions and reports.

  • Support the CC newsletter by providing articles or book reports when possible.

  • Work with the CC Membership Director and CC Communications Director to survey CC membership, as required, using all available communications and collaboration methods.

Duties of Programs Director

The CC Programs Director chairs the CC Programs permanent Committee. The CC Programs Director directs and controls the Committee, and responds to other specific direction from the CC President and BOD.  The CC Programs Director has the following primary responsibilities:

  • Plan CC Dinner Meetings and Speakers to include establishing meeting locations and scheduling Speakers in coordination with the BOD. Negotiate food contracts, and execute the required reservations, food service, and menu selections.

  • Plan and execute all other CC special, technical, and social events and activities, unless otherwise assigned by the BOD.

The CC Programs Director will primarily focus on technical and educational aspects of systems engineering, but focus will also include such social and public service programs as approved by the BOD.  In the technical domain, the Programs Director works towards a primary objective of stimulating discussion and systems thinking throughout the CC. The Programs Director also supports INCOSE International and CC efforts in the following areas:

  • Systems Engineering Processes - analyzing and developing accepted systems engineering processes applicable to industry and government scenarios.  These can address local, regional, national, and international areas of interest.

  • Systems Engineering Professional Growth - establishing requirements and measurements for developing and maintaining skills and knowledge useful to systems engineers.

  • Career Guidance – assisting CC Members in pursuing job growth and advancement in their systems engineering professions.

  • Methodologies and Tools – encouraging the dissemination of knowledge dealing with generally recognized systems engineering topics to include but not limited to models, tools, and taxonomies.

The CC Programs Director will also include:

  • Manage the reservations and receipts of all monies for all CC events. The CC Treasurer will collect all monies.

  • Develop and organize meeting formats and coordinate speakers, topics, moderators, and locations to promote wider CC member participation in technical activities (e.g., panel discussions, debates, brainstorming sessions, etc.).

  • Execute joint tutorials, workshops, or dinner lectures with Baltimore Chapter of PMI, and local Chapters of AIAA, SAE, SES and IEEE. Conduct cooperative events with local university campuses (e.g., JHU, UMBC, UMCP, Morgan State, etc.). Coordinate Government-sponsored systems engineering forums such as those sponsored by NASA Greenbelt and NIST.

  • Subject to membership surveys, plan special meetings and sponsored tours on subjects and locations of general interest to CC Members. 

  • Lead the planning of the CC Annual Holiday Party to include an awards and recognition program.

  • Lead the planning of the CC SEP Gala.

  • Coordinate with the INCOSE Washington Metropolitan Area (WMA) and Southern Maryland (SOMD) Chapters on technical presentations and meeting announcements, and provide the CC Communications Director with notices or information for CC distribution. 

  • Obtain signed, “Author Intellectual Property Release for Manuscript and Presentation Materials” document from any presentation, panel, or other forms of information dissemination to or at any CC event. Included in such releases will be agreements by presenters for Video and Audio live streaming recording of CC activities.

  • Create and maintain a Programs Committee process and activities log book for CC documentation and continuity of operations. Select a quality bound Journal that will be standardized among all three CC Directors at Large. This journal will be the property of the CC and will pass to each successive office holder. Utilize the CC Google Drive Cloud storage capability to store log book information.

  • Support the success of the CC Newsletter by providing at least two articles or blogs (publications subject to the approval of the Communications Director and the President).

  • Continue the Jobs Networking activity by supporting the Membership Director in this area.

 Duties of Membership Director

The CC Membership Director chairs the CC Membership and Outreach Committees, and in 2019 will also serve as the CC Corporate Outreach Director. The CC Membership Director directs and controls the CC Membership and Outreach Committees, and responds to other specific direction from the CC President and the BOD.  The CC Membership Director has the following primary responsibilities:

Primary general duties include:

  • Supervise and carry out all formal efforts to maintain and increase the CC membership.

  • Ensure that the CC Membership Database is up to date. Provide membership records data access to the CC BOD and collaborating committees.

  • Notify the CC BOD of any member deserving special recognition for accomplishments relating to membership or in the practice of systems engineering. For each award, in addition to internal CC recognition, work with the CC President to draft, coordinate, then send a letter to the company and/or supervisor of the member to ensure employers are aware of member accomplishments.

  • With the CC Secretary, assist the CC President in presenting individual awards at CC meetings and events.

  • Work with INCOSE International to establish, then regularly update the CC Welcome Automated Email system for automatically sending out customized welcome letter emails for new/renewing INCOSE Chesapeake CC membership.

  • Collaborate with the CC Communications Director to prepare a member welcome package to be mailed or emailed to new CC members.

  • Collaborate with and assist the CC President, Past President, and President-Elect in soliciting corporate, government, and academic sponsors for CC activities and projects.

  • Conduct Membership Surveys to solicit opinions on Chapter issues, goals, and recommendations. Consider implementing a monthly standing survey that will permit a statistically significant result over time. This data is needed for the CC 2019 Circle Awards submission.

  • Oversee the CC Ambassadors Program.

  • Work with the University Student Outreach Program to encourage new membership in the INCOSE-CC Chapter.

  • Increase CC member engagement by:

    • Identifying opportunities to engage with prospective members.

    • Working in concert with the CC Communications and Programs Directors, provide on-demand live and interactive broadcasts of CC events.

    • Working with the CC Communications Director, provide direct access online to past speaker presentations at CC events.

    • Supporting the CC SEP Committee to help make sure everyone knows that certification training is an available local option for all who are interested.

    • Personally, engage with the membership at CC functions; soliciting feedback and asking non-members to join the CC. 

  • Create and maintain an electronic record of CC Membership Committee processes and activities for CC documentation and continuity of operations.

  • As the CC Corporate Outreach Director, and as approved by the CC BOD, lead any CC-supported employment efforts, and lead the organization of job search and placement summits in cooperation with other systems engineering organizations.

Specific monthly duties will include:

Obtain and report the following data from the INCOSE International Membership Database and other sources:

  • The number of Active members at first day of month.

  • The number of members that lapsed their membership during the past month, reported at first day of month.

  • The number of New Members as of first day of month of the past month.

  • The number of Transferred Members to the CC from other INCOSE chapters, as of first day of month of the past month.

  • The number of members that changed chapter from the CC to other INCOSE Chapters, as of first day of month of the past month.

  • Names of New Members for inclusion on the website.

  • Names of Newly Certified Members for inclusion on the website and for annual tracking in preparation for the SEP Gala Awards.

  • Update the Membership Lists on Constant Contact to ensure new members receipt Email blasts.

  • Update Sponsor Donation data and provide any new changes to Communications Director to ensure the website is up to date with new or aged Sponsors/partnerships.

Specific duties in direct support of the CC BOD will include:

  • At each CC BOD meeting, report new members, lapsed members, transferred members, and current membership totals.

  • Send New Member Name and Email Addresses to the CC Communications Director.  New Member Names will be posted on the website. New Member Email Addresses will be added to the relevant CC Email Distribution Lists.

  • Email CC members whose membership is expiring (give a 30-day notice whenever possible), informing them that their membership is about to expire, and encourage them to stay.  Send out questionnaires to lapsed members (i.e., members who have dropped or who have been dropped as members) to obtain feedback as to why they chose to drop their membership, or why they lost their membership (to offer any possible support).

  • Obtain reports from INCOSE International on how many members have transferred their membership from other chapters to the CC.

  • Obtain reports from INCOSE International on how many CC members have transferred their membership to other INCOSE chapters.

  • Include the President, Past President and President-Elect as Cc: on email contacts with expiring members, and provide these CC BOD members with expiring member contact information, so they can provide any support. Ensure that a follow-up explanation is received by at least one of these CC BOD members and recorded in the Membership Log to permit trend analysis.   The full CC BOD shares the responsibility for knowing the circumstances of all lapsed members, but the CC President will help contact the lapsed members directly when normal email efforts remain unresolved up to the last month of membership.

  • Work with INCOSE International, on behalf of the CC President-Elect, to confirm for Circle Awards points those CC members who attend the INCOSE International Workshop and/or the INCOSE International Symposium.

Other CC Membership Director duties will include:

  • Prior to every CC monthly general membership meeting, make available to the CC Communications Director and Secretary, a report of CC membership on PowerPoint slides.

  • Update the CC Constant Contact Email Lists every month, to ensure accurate distribution of CC-related information for General CC Members, CC Voting and Non-Voting Members, and Friends of the CC. Monthly updating will include the removal of any persons who have requested not to receive emails.

  • In coordination with the Communications Director and Programs Director, develop and distribute questionnaires and/or surveys to CC membership to gauge changing membership needs and preferences. Lead the analysis of results to assist the CC BOD in setting CC direction.